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About Me

As a Coach-Therapist I work with individuals who want to make positive changes in their life. I meet with clients one-to-one, either in person or online. I specialise in developing or changing careers, and have supported clients to exceed their own expectations and live a more purposeful and satisfying life.


"I've worked hand in hand with Christine, she is exceptional at what she does. Clear concise help to get the help I needed with goal attainment.

"She's got so much knowledge and abilities that no matter what the individual or there needs she will find a way to help them.

"I can't begin to tell you the impact she has had on my life and I would with out hesitation recommend her, there is no better choice or person than her."


Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you to identify and achieve the goals that are personal to you.


"I chose counselling as a way to explore whether or not I was pursuing my authentic path in life. The question of finding your niche and/or your ‘tribe’, is something which has always fascinated me, probably because I have never felt as though I have found my authentic path.  With Christine’s guidance I managed to realise that your life path may not always find fulfillment via a work route but can take many forms and manifest in a variety of ways throughout the normal course of life. In light of this knowledge, I feel more assured that life will find a way to make the best use of my potential and to have faith in this process.

"Christine will make suggestions about how to interpret life’s events and subsequent emotions in such a creative and illuminating way it made me much more aware of the teachings that life delivers even within our everyday routines. As a result, although I sought coaching to explore the idea of a life path, I actually discovered a much wider potential for spiritual growth and development.

"I would encourage anyone thinking of coaching to consider Christine’s services. The success of the the therapeutic relationship depends so much on the chemistry between the client and the therapist. In my opinion, Christine strikes the ideal balance between expressing heartfelt compassion whilst also challenging established thinking to gently lead towards a renewed engagement with life."


Transformational Coaching can help support you to become more aware of the way you live your life, and identify changes that will increase your fulfilment.


It involves exploring all that shapes you and the way you think, to enable you to achieve your desired outcome. 


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