Lotus Coaching

 Like the beautiful lotus flower that grows from muddy waters, you can blossom and be whatever you want to be.

About Me

Although I don’t think I have conducted my life according to some grand plan, I have always had a strong set of beliefs from a young age which I feel has guided me and informed my life path. One of these beliefs is that everyone, no matter where their starting point is, can choose to be whatever they want to be.


"I have been so lucky to have Christine as a coach, and I can say honestly that it has been life-changing. What was amazing to me was how with Christine's help I was able to see real improvement, not only to my bank balance but also to my entire outlook on finance."

Jennifer Williams

Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you to identify and achieve the goals that are personal to you.


"Thank you Christine.


I really cannot express how valuable these sessions have been to me! Wish I'd done some life coaching years ago! I feel that sometimes alot is so obvious to me yet somehow with the stresses of living cloud my judgement and choices.


I really appreciate your time, compassion and professionalism - you are very good at what you do! And when I leave each session I feel so much more positive about the future and what it holds."


Ali, Edinburgh

Transformational Coaching can help support you to become more aware of the way you live your life, and identify changes that will increase your fulfilment.


It involves exploring all that shapes you and the way you think, to enable you to achieve your desired outcome. 


Contact Me

 info@lotuslifecoach.co.uk  |  Tel: 07812 992152